(SER-FL-286) Pines-Miramar Composite Squadron
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If you are already a pilot, CAP has its CAP Pilot Onboarding Program to get you ready to fly with us. Whether you are Civilian or Military trained, VFR to Commercial rated, Florida Wing is part of the world's largest fleet of general aviation aircraft consisting of C-172 and C-182 (with Garmin G1000) all of which you could get checked out in. 

​Contact us and we'll walk you through the pilot onboarding process and show you all we have to offer.

Please remember that the squadron or group level can’t approve anything pilots-related on eservices, like pilots Form 5’s, medicals, logbooks, certificates F91’s etc will be approved at the wing level only. Thanks for your cooperation.

How to be a CAP Pilot

​Civilian and Military pilots can provide their experience to CAP in a variety of ways. Whether you are just a student pilot or just received your private pilot's certificate, to a 10,000-hour multi-engine jet pilot for the airlines or Air Force, we all have something to offer. But how do we get "onboarded" with the program? It's a multistep process that is easy to navigate.


1. First you will be certified as a "VFR Pilot". For that, just provide your certificate, medical, and endorsements into the system to be verified. Once approved, you will then take a standard check flight in a CAP C172 or C182 aircraft by a CAP Check Pilot on a CAP Form 5. Sometimes you'll hear pilots call it the "Form 5". It's nothing different than when you took your first check flight with the FAA.  Any advance certification will be dependent on the number PIC and X-country hours you have and what level you wish to serve. 

​2. CAP has five qualifications for pilots.  Each one can provide a needed niche with the squadron, group, and wing in a variety of capacities. Each has certain training requirements and PIC hours needed. These are VFR Pilot, Transport Mission Pilot (100 PIC Hrs/50hr X-ctry), Orientation Pilot (200 PIC hrs), Glider pilot, Mission Pilot (175 PIC hrs).

3. Each year, every CAP Pilot must get a new check ride with a CAP Check Pilot

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